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A science video podcast that explains science topics in a fun and exciting way. Not only is it great for science teachers to download to show in the classroom, but its an ideal podcast for the nature lover. Videos are linked to informational pages on our new site

Crazy Animal Births

It's spring and that means many animals are having babies. When most of us think of animals having and raising young though, what do we imagine? We ra...
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World Water Day

Yep, that's right. It's time to think about water again. This video isn't about how to take shorter showers though. We're just here to celebrate the d...
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Chemistry of Love

With Valentines Day upon us once again, we decided it was a good time to bring up these famous love chemicals - dopamine, serotonine, and adrenaline. ...
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Hibernation: A Wintery Slumber

Did you know that bears don't hibernate like other animals? It's true. In fact, some bear biologists call them superhibernators. We're back to podcast...
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Why is the turkey called a turkey?

Did you know that the turkey was in fact named after the country Turkey? In Turkey though, the name refers to coming from India. In India, it refers t...
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Why do Animals Strand on Beaches

In the news this year there have been a lot of animals that have ended up on beaches. In fact, this last month Massachusetts had nearly 100 turtles en...
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Dirt to Dinosaur: Paleontology 101

If you've ever watched a hollywood movie, like Jurrasic Park, you probably think paleontologists go out looking for beautifully preserved fossil skele...
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