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Host Sophie Kaner (The Penumbra Podcast) interviews nine real people to ask for their experiences with love that changed their lives.


Evan shares a story about a brief, sweet year of their life.
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Some Gay Shit

Cammie tells Sophie about managing her extremely complicated love life.
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Dinosaur Dyke

Martha tells Sophie about an act of violence in the 70s that was treated lightly by authorities. (Please be mindful of the content warnings at the beg...
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Somebody's Boyfriend

Jade tells Sophie about navigating two different relationships through a changing understanding of their gender.
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The Red String

Tia tells Sophie about falling in love before she even knew who she was. Please be aware that this episode contains discussion of rape, transphobia, a...
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This Shining Thing

Noah Simes (The Penumbra Podcast) tells Sophie about the first enduring relationship he ever had, or maybe didn't have.
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