Eerie Alabama

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A serialized docudrama exploring the eerie, weird, and strange in Alabama

Walkertown, Part 1

Our heroes answer a call for help from Walkertown, AL. Purple Planet: www.purple-planet.comHaunted Chicken House:
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Welles Audio of Sorrel-Weed House

This is the raw audio of John's investigation. If you hear anything, please leave a comment. Purple Planet: www.purple-planet.comHaunted Chicken House...
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Welles Investigates Savannah

John and his wife investigate the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, GA. It is the most haunted house in the most haunted town in the US. Purple Planet: w...
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Enter The Fish

While hunting for the TinySquatch, our heroes find something unexpected.Purple Planet: www.purple-planet.comHaunted Chicken House: www.hauntedchickenh...
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Chicken Dan

Something had gone wrong in the community of Hollis Cross Roads of Heflin, AL.  Purple Planet: http://www.purple-planet.comHaunted Chicken House: http...
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Bloopers 2

Thanks for 100 subscribers! Here is another blooper episode!Purple Planet: www.purple-planet.comHaunted Chicken House:
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