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Episode 254 – Floor Chocolate

We get things a little better, but a lot better! We debate between floor chocolate and old chocolate. Plus Canadians are fuuuunny! Episode 254 of the ...
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Episode 252 – Double the Comedy

Jessica finds something in a closet! We go golfing! Should we get angry plus there are some good vehicles out there! Episode 252 of the Einstein Simpl...
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Episode 251 – Shatter My Soul

Dave says he won’t be sneaky, but he is! Greg sees a film! What about all this rain plus Aaron wants to know the most authentic tortilla! Episode 251 ...
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Episode 250 – Too Many Pizzas

We were pirates! We’ve had some stuff going on! Shoes sizes are different plus Dave punches a computer! Episode 250 of the Einstein Simplified Podcast...
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