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This podcast includes messages from Lead Pastor Jeff Maness & others. We tackle real subjects that are relevant to our every day lives. Visit Element Church online @ www.elementchurch.life for additional content.

Weekend Warriors Week 4: Boldness

Jeff Maness – October 10th, 2021 When it comes to speaking about Jesus, there is a fine line between boldness and being brash. Between bold and foolis...
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Weekend Warriors Week 3: Armor Up

Jeff Maness – October 3rd, 2021 Every piece of God’s armor is essential. Not one piece can be left out. It’s not enough to have some or even most of t...
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Weekend Warriors Week 1: Battles

Jeff Maness – September 19th, 2021 All of life is a battle, not just the weekend, and our enemies are not flesh and blood enemies, they are enemies of...
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Bruh! Week 6: Engaging Life

Jeff Maness – September 12, 2021 We all want to be in control of our own lives, but none of us are, right?. The reality is yesterday is gone and tomor...
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Bruh! Week 5: Draw Close

Jeff Maness – August 29, 2021 God wants to draw close to us! That truth alone should shake us to our core. God wants to be close to me? But the proble...
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Bruh! Week 4: Saving Faith

Jeff Maness – August 22, 2021 It’s one thing to say you believe a person could carry you across a tight rope, but it’s another thing altogether to act...
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Bruh! Week 3: Wisdom

Jeff Maness – August 15, 2021 God’s wisdom is more than just knowledge from living life. That’s how we often view wisdom. Life experience, education, ...
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Bruh! Week 1: Opportunity

Jeff Maness – August 1st, 2021 So many times we view troubles in our life as only obstacles to endure. And they are an obstacle, but could they also b...
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