Elephant in the Room

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This podcast is an attempt to shed light on lesser understood topics in the world of investing. It is an ongoing search for truths which are often hidden in plain sight. Learn more at www.apertureinvestors.com

Mike Krieger - Digital Trust

Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger and CMO Matthew Siegel discuss the topic of digital trust. 02:20 - Mike's background and how Instagram was born 15:1...
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Peter Kraus - Hidden Fees

As part of Season One's exploration of trust, Ep. 2 takes a look at a class of fees - sometimes referred to as "revenue rebates" or "sub-transfer agen...
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Season Intro - Trust

Aperture Investors CMO Matthew Siegel provides a brief introduction to the Elephant in the Room podcast and to the focus of the first season: Trust. H...
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