Elevate Your Life


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We all eventually reach a Pivot Point. The place where you get smacked down by life and have a decision to make. To roll over and disappear, or show up in the arena and fight. Who are we when we’re deeply depressed? When we’re not passionate about our jobs? When we’re struggling in our relationships? Or even when we’ve got it all together? Each episode we’ll be answering these questions through stories of courage. Real people sharing their real life inspirational stories. We have the ability to elevate our lives to the next level. To discover happiness, success, creativity, and a beautiful life. The human brain is neurologically wired for story, and hearing these stories of courage may be just the thing to elevate your life.

Ep. 10 Batting Against the Odds

Stan Lovins II overcame a dark home life and doubting coaches. He was heading toward a Major League Baseball career when the unexpected knocked him o...
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Ep. 09 Searching in Seoul

Hannah took center stage in Seoul, Korea. English teacher by day and rising entertainment star by night. She was confident and powerful, no one could ...
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Ep. 08 Beneath the Surface

What lies beneath the perfect surface of our lives? Everyone sees the sun glistening against the waves, but there is much more hidden underneath. Jere...
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Ep. 02 Stage Four

Julie found out she was pregnant while in stage three kidney failure. When she was in stage four, she got pregnant with her second child. Struggling t...
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Ep. 03 Rediscovering Identity

Shelbi was voted “Best Hair” in high school. When she went go-karting, all of her hair plus 80% of her scalp was ripped off. She’s suffered a traumati...
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Ep. 04 Courage from Columbine

The mom of one of the Columbine shooters, Sue Klebold, could have gone into hiding after the tragedy. She didn’t. She decided that the need to speak o...
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Ep. 05 Purpose from Pain

In this episode we are taking a look at how going through immense pain can lead to discovering your purpose. British radio and television producer Joh...
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