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Learn English and improve your vocabulary skills by listening to the elllo podcast, which features interviews with people from all over the world.

Episode 27: Best Teacher

This week on elllo.org, Abidemi and Jeremy talk about teachers that had a big impact on their lives. See the transcript below.  Remember that you can ...
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Episode 26: Cost of Living

This lesson on elllo.org we hear from Dan from Tropical MBA Podcast as he shares basic living costs for working in Southeast Asia. You can see the ful...
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Episode 25: Working in Bali

This week on elllo.org we hear from Dan, an Americna businessman working abroad, and he talks about why he likes to live in Bali and why it is a good ...
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Episode 24: Sun vs Snow

This week Paul from England and Aimee from Scotland discuss where they would like to live. Go to elllo.org for the full lessons with audio, video, voc...
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Episode 23 - Money and Retirement

This week Sorie and Mark talk about the future and money and saving for retirement. Go to elllo.org for the full lesson online on the web or mobile ph...
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Episode #18 - Evaluating the Euro

This interview is great for Business students. It is advanced but if you spend a little time working with the transcript and repeating phrases and wor...
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Episode #17 - Local Accents

Spencer talks about how her accent has changes over the years and Joel gives students some advice: be proud of your accent!  For a full transcript, in...
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Episode #16: Croatian Cuisine

Carlo and Vesna talk about the food and wine in Croatia.  Go online at elllo.org and look up 1279 to read the entire transcript, watch the slide show,...
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