Empty Opinions w/ Eladio Polanco

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My name is Eladio Polanco, and I only have empty opinions. Each week, join me as I invite friends and/or people I find interesting to learn from their perspective and lives, so that one day my opinions aren't so empty anymore.

The Cheese Touch

Welcome to episode 110! This week, we talk about 6ix9ine trying to make a comeback, Meek Mill keeping on taking Ls, B. Simone’s latest video addressin...
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Crabs In A Bucket

Welcome to episode 109! This week, we talk about the origin of Valentine’s Day, Philly’s creative scene (or lack thereof), Tessica Brown (of Gorilla G...
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Episode 108: Watch Me Whip

Welcome to episode 108! This week, we talk about Lil Uzi Vert’s 24 million dollar diamond on his forehead, Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO of Amazon, ...
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The EP Show — El Hoyo

En este episodio, explico porque este episodio es en español, aclaro un episodio pasado, me disculpo por cosas que dije que eran erróneas y describo q...
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Episode 107: Hold The Line

Welcome to episode 107! This week, we talk about the stock frenzy happening right now, T.I. and Tiny being alleged sex traffickers and the Silhouette ...
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Episode 106: Oedipus Complex

Welcome to episode 106! This week, I talk about Trump’s wild pardons, Biden’s inauguration, Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s fake relationship and ...
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Episode 104: Hottest Free Agents

Welcome to episode 104! This week, I have entrepreneur Elba Valdez back on the podcast as we talk about her new businesses, social media, trust issues...
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Episode 102: 2020 Wrapped

Welcome to episode 102, aka, the last episode of 2020! This week, I will be going through all the crazy shit that happened in 2020, from the Coronavir...
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