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The 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen presents a new focus for international debate and decisions about energy and its use. What are the countries of Western Europe and Scandinavia doing to promote sustainable energy production? Just how different will the future energy map of Europe look? And is energy policy principally a scientific issue or a political one? This album contains a series of films exploring energy policy in various countries around Europe in 2006, framed by audio pieces recorded by Open University academic Godfrey Boyle in the run up to the Copenhagen Conference. He highlights the central issues that the conference aims to address, and gives an update on how European energy policies have changed since the films were made. This material forms part of The Open University course T206 Energy for a sustainable future.

France's nuclear future

France is uniquely dependent on nuclear power but recently the government has been trying to encourage the development of a sustainable energy industr...
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Denmark leads the way

Denmark has the most advanced sustainable energy programme in Europe. Why the country is so ahead of everyone else
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The German model

How, Germany has been investing significantly in renewable energy, and particularly in creating an industrial model for manufacturing and maintaining ...
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Capturing carbon

How carbon capture technology offers the possibility of reducing the damage caused by burning fossil fuels
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Low carbon London

The Mayor of London's very ambitious plans to turn London into a model low carbon city, approaching everything from building design to transport from ...
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European energy update

Godfrey Boyle updates the preceding films and reveals how energy policies have changed over the last three years
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