English Rewind

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English Rewind is an easy to listen to podcast for English learners. Basic vocabulary and grammar is used as much as possible. Each episode also comes with a PDF transcript which you can study. This is real spoken English, not textbook English. Improve your listening and comprehension today.

Passive vs. Active English - Ep13

::Episode 13 - Passive vs. Active English ––– ::Description:: You don't have to remember a word to know its meaning. Vocabulary is always passive befo...
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Two Ways to Learn Words - Ep12

::Episode 12 - Two Ways to Learn New Words ––– ::Description:: There are two ways to learn new words, but only one of them is the same way natives do....
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Learn English in English - Ep11

::Episode 11 - Learn English in English :: ––– ::Description:: Native speakers learn English without knowing any other languages. They only think in E...
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Get an English Brain - Ep10

::Episode 10 - Get an English Brain ––– ::Description:: You make mistakes in English because you don't think in English. You speak English the way you...
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Correct Your Own Mistakes - Ep09

::Episode 09 - Correct Your Own Mistakes ––– ::Description:: Does making mistakes improve your English? It can, but only if you know you are making a ...
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Everyone Has an Accent - Ep08

::Episode 08 - Everyone Has an Accent:: ––– ::Description:: There isn't a perfect accent. Even people from Nort-America have accents. And just because...
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Are You Married to English? - Ep06

::Episode 06 - Are You Married to English?:: ––– ::Description:: How well do you know English? Are you just friends with it, or are you more than frie...
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Writing isn't Speaking - Ep05

::Episode 05 - Writing isn't Speaking::   ––– ::Description:: Don't speak like you're trying to write a sentence. Speaking is more about flowing, than...
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Every Word Has Two Meanings - Ep03

::Episode 03 - Every Word Has Two Meanings:: ––– ::Description:: Every word has two meanings. The one is found in a dictionary. The other one isn't. Y...
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