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Welcome to Enter The Asylum! Follow Benjamin and John's journey of self-discovery as they attempt to stay sane while watching and reviewing every single Asylum film ever produced! The Asylum is the film studio most well known for making the Sharknado franchice and numerous mockbusters such as Transmorphers and Atlantic Rim!  Questions or Feedback? Tells us at entertheasylumpodcast@gmail.com . Podcast art was made by Caitlyn Chellew. You can find more of her work at www.instagram.com/caitlynchellew/ or at caitlynchellew.artstation.com/

The Terminators! #53

Here we are again, back with another dreadful Asylum Sci-fi movie! The Terminators! Did you know? The real reason Skynet killed everybody was because ...
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Countdown: Armageddon! #52

We're back with another Faith Film, Countdown: Armageddon! The only thing I want to countdown is the number of these movies we have to watch... Music:...
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Santa Claws! #50

Happy holidays from Enter The Asylum! We're back again for another Asylum holiday film Santa Claws! In this episode, we discuss Santa worshipers, slei...
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The Day the Earth Stopped! #49

We are here again with another Asylum film, The Day the Earth Stopped! It's a shame that the only thing this movie was able to stop was my desire to l...
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Sunday School Musical! #47

After an extended break, we're finally back with Sunday School Musical! In this episode, we discuss singing, dancing, and a dark and sinister mastermi...
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Death Racer! #46

We're back this week with DEATH RACER! In this episode, we explore the second official film debut of Insane Clown Posse, WWE's Raven, and a shocking r...
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100 Million BC! #45

We're back to the past with this week's watch of 100 Million BC! In this episode we discuss, being sucked into the digital world, a helicopter-based d...
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