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Title Talk featuring Kip Edwards

When closing on a property you have to go through a Title Company and secure some title Insurance on the property. In this episode we will discuss Tit...
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8:46 has woke up an entire world

In this episode featuring, Will Garner, Terrence Job and Nick Garner, we Talk about George Floyd featuring and the events surrounding his tragic death...
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Impossible vs. Possible

When you think all is loss is when you must kick it into overdrive the most, with every project that I've completed there is always a situation that c...
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The Journey vs. The Process

The difference between 'The Journey' and 'The Process' is that 'The Journey' is a set amount of traveling or the voyage per se to a destination while ...
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$22K Profit in 2 Hours

This episode Will 'Sporty' Garner and Nick Garner, Platinum pro coaches with FLPPD discuss a wholesale he did this month. We also discuss the mindset ...
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Obtaining Financing for your Deal

Obtaining Financing for your next deal may be at the top of your list of things to do, but do you understand how the money works and how it flows. Und...
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