ESL in Ho Chi Minh City

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ESL podcasts from the heart of Vietnam; written by a Vietnamese English teacher and taught by an American teacher.

Idiom Quiz

Contact us here or at for the answers and additional information. 1- Which of these expressions mean "at a time in the future"? some...
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Animal Idioms - Part Three

Write to us at for the transcript, definitions and exercises. Also we are running out of storage. So any donations for a Pro account...
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The ABC's of Love - Episode 40

ABC of Love - Version One with idioms A is for apple. You’re the apple of my eye. B is for blind. I choose to be blind willingly. C is for conquer. Ou...
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Color Idioms - Episode 14

green belt give someone/ get the green light be/ go/ turn/ make someone green with envy have a green thumb green about the gills the green-eyed monste...
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Episode 15 - Life Project

To kindle your creativity as well as make light work of your English learning, we thought of an activity called “Life project”. If you look "life" up ...
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