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Welcome to the Espionage.VR podcast. Here Tom, Bert and Josian team up to talk the past and present of all things video games. From what we love, hate and look forward to, you'll find it all here.

Mission.18 - Elden Ring Leaks

The Eternal Bois dive deep into the leaked Elden Ring clips, and can't turn on the tv.Espionage.VR StoreFollow Josian on Instagram and TwitchFollow To...
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Mission.17 - Q/A 2

The Eternal Bois answer your questions, drink Monster, make a horrible Spongebob item, then leave to get sushi.Espionage.VR StoreFollow Josian at Inst...
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Mission.15 - Generation Kill

The Espionage crew discusses the current generation transitioning into the next and how it compares.Espionage.VR StoreFollow Josian at Instagram and T...
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Mission.14 - E3 2020 or Something

The Espionage crew discusses the summer reveals, releases and the next generation of consoles.Espionage.VR StoreFollow Josian at Instagram and TwitchF...
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Mission.13 - Brute Force

The Espionage crew discusses their different game rooms throughout the years and how your surroundings can affect the game.Espionage.VR StoreFollow Jo...
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Mission.11 - 7/11

The Espionage crew takes a dive into possibly the most demanded remake in the history of video games. Or at least a tenth of it.
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