Evenings with Jeph from FrAiL

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Short stories read by Jeph from the Canadian rock band Frail! He guides you in relaxing before reading you a short story that will lull you into a deep and fulfilling sleep. Stories will come from a variety of genres and authors, but will always be chosen by Jeph from FrAiL himself. If you'd like to hear one of your own stories featured on an episode; please send your submissions to jephfromfrail@gmail.com Relax, Enjoy, and sleep well!

"Oshun" by James Pyne

Welcome back and Thanks for joining me for our Season 2 Premiere here on Evenings with Jeph From Frail. Back in December I said I'd be taking a s...
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"It Happened To Us" Jenn Hickey

WE MADE IT!!!We've gotten to the end of the first season! I have too much to type so check out the episode for all the good stuff!!But first some...
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"The Fourth" by Clarence Carter

Hello, and Thanks for joining me for Episode 11 of Evenings with Jeph From Frail. If you've been following along on Facebook, you'll know I&...
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