Every Kink in the Book

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An open-minded, raunchy, and hilarious exploration of unusual kinks and fetishes through erotic literature.

Human Furniture

Rebecca and Sarah rate how badly they want to do certain pieces of furniture. Believe it or not, some are sexier than others. Stories read: Femdom Isl...
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Alien Abduction

Rebecca and Sarah explore the erotic world of getting abducted by little green men. With UFOS, probes, more discussion of ballsacks than you were hopi...
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Gender Swap

Rebecca and Sarah discuss the erotic implications of magically switching bodies and whether they would have sex with themselves. Stories discussed: "S...
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Rebecca and Sarah discuss various types of Gremlins in various sexual scenarios, and touch on writing erotica. Stories discussed: Monstergirl Harems: ...
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Rebecca and Sarah have an enthusiastic discussion of Krampus as a sexual partner, as well as their mutual love for all monsters. Books discussed: A Ki...
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Santa Claus

Rebecca and Sarah have a considerate, if slightly drunken discussion of Santa Claus as a sexual partner. Books discussed: Up My Chimney by Johnny Dang...
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