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The goal of this podcast is to get the Bible off the page and into your everyday life. What we learn must find its way into our lifestyle as we believe in the one of whom the Bible testifies - Jesus Christ.

From River Rafters to Mountaineers

Navigating life as we look forward to the end of 2020. What’s in front of us is vastly different than what is behind us. How will we move forward in u...
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Now the Time Has Come

It was the crowds the sung his praises that started it. But two of his disciples brought some people to Jesus. Something about that shifted God’s plan...
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The Widow’s Mite

She didn’t have much, but she gave it all. Somehow, that was more than anyone else put in the offering that day. What can we learn from the widow and ...
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Experiencing the Presence of God

“That type of Christianity which happens now to be the vogue knows this Presence only in theory. It fails to stress the Christian’s privilege of prese...
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Moving Mountains

Jesus said that all you need to move a mountain is faith the size of a tiny mustard seed. Yet it has never happened. How do we reconcile that?
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Keys of the Kingdom

Jesus told Peter that he would give him the Keys of the Kingdom. Wow…but what does that mean? And what had to happen in the disciples’ lives to get to...
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Are You Also Going to Leave?

Jesus asked this question to his disciples after many people turned away from following him. He had just said some pretty hard sayings and people coul...
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Jesus Feeds 5,000+

I start this episode with some thoughts about the Shelter in Place order and Sabbath. This episode is one that I personally have been looking forward ...
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