Everything SF Giants Baseball

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Everything Giants Baseball is in this show: talk, analysis, and prospect watch, as well as a fantasy baseball section. MLB from a Giants perspective.

The Final Episode

In today's episode, we tell you why, even after 54 years of disappointment, you should still be a Giants fan. Final Episode, Everything SF Giants Base...
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Fourtieth Episode

Today we make the pitch for Tim Lincecum for Cy Young, and talk about the success of the youth movement of the past month of so. Episode 40, Everythin...
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Thirty Eighth Episode

In today's episode we comment on the Giants' successes in the Draft their failures on the field, and how they have failed to execute the fundamentals ...
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Thirty Seventh Episode

In today's episode we talk about the Giants recent struggles, the change in ownership, and the upcoming draft. Episode 37, Everything SF Giants Baseba...
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Thirty Fith Episode

In today's episode, we talk about the stars and busts of spring training, and all the injuries, inconsistencies, and outfield crunches the Giants have...
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Off-Season Episode

Today we talk a little about Bond's charges, supposed trades, and the signing of Aaron Rowand. Off-season Episode, Everything SF Giants Baseball.mp3
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Thirty Third Episode Part One

Part 1- Today we wrap up the Giant's season, say goodbye to Barry, and talk about what next year's team will look like. Episode 33-Part One, Everythin...
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Thirty Second Episode

Today we recap the last few weeks of Giants baseball, and talk about which prospects you'll see come up over the next few weeks as the roster expands....
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Thirty First Episode Edited

The Giants are playing good fundamental baseball lately, but they have a long way to go before they catch up to Arizona. Good news is that they got ri...
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