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with Kyle & Ryan

Child’s Play 2

Brookstober continues with the movie that traumatized Kyle the most as a kid a little trip down memory lane with your old pal Chucky. Is Kyle still te...
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It’s Brookstober! Which means Brooks is back to join Kyle and Shaun in discussing horror themed movies and video games. This week they’re discussing S...
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

On the final episode of Stoner Movie September, Kyle and Shaun take a trip into the desert filled with bats, cacti, uppers, downers, screamers, laughe...
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Idle Hands

Kyle and Shaun continue to talk about all things Stoner movie with a trip back to 1999 with a little teen horror/comedy called Idle Hands, why don’t y...
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Strange Wilderness

We continue to burn through Stoner Movie September with Shaun’s choice the Happy Madison “classic” Strange Wilderness, its about a public access natur...
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Stoner Movie September is back! For the first episode of the year Kyle shows Shaun a movie he has no context for! How does that turn put for them? Wel...
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Shaun’s First Potpourri

Kyle and Shaun sit down to talk about whatever their little hearts desire and they also start the hype train for Stoner Movie September (The Month you...
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The Suicide Squad

Kyle and Shaun get cozy on a certain island beach local and settle in to talk about hip slang the kids are using, Talking Sharks and of course the new...
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Kyle and Shaun sit down with a listener request and get all cozy comfortable with Shia LeBeuf and his creepy, pervy voyeuristic ways
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The Meg (Shark Week Celebration)

In celebration of Shark Week, Kyle and Shaun get together to talk a whole lot about sharks! Specifically BIG ONES! They also talk about Jason Statham’...
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