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At isango! our mission is to empower every person to 'Experience the WORLD with us' through our tours, experiences and attraction tickets. Now you can listen to more travel inspiration through our Podcast. On Experience the World - The isango Travel Podcast we will look in-depth at destinations, dig under the surface of the latest travel issues and talking points. Oh, and have fun! With the aim to inspire your wanderlust needs wherever you are going. So come aboard and 'Experience the World'.

Episode 8: Travelling Solo

What's it like travelling solo, especially travelling as a female solo? In this episode we talk to one of our freelancers Eli Wasilik about doing just...
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Episode 5: New York, New York

New York, a concrete jungle where dreams are made or a city to avoid? In our latest episode the isango! team lift the lid off New York, find out the p...
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Episode 4: Nightmares in Travel!

Have you ever been locked out of an airport? Held for questioning at airport customs or slept on a strangers lap on a long-haul flight? These are just...
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Episode 3: Data Talking!

Does the word ‘data’ send shivers down your spine? What if we told you that data plays a key role in a business’s daily functions and our everyday lif...
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