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Experts from the University and visiting academics get to grips with a plethora of political issues and debates.

Not for sale

In this video, visiting political economist Alexandra Strickner offers her views on the current financial crisis, her part in Our World is Not For Sal...
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Obama and the media - audio

Why, despite some truly astonishing political success stories, is Barack Obama under sustained fire from elements in the US media? Visiting speaker, P...
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Kosovo in focus - audio

Kosovo's expected declaration of independence from Serbia is a move which could have regional and global ramifications. Ahead of his trip to Belgrade,...
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Addressing Europe - audio

Can the European Social Forum really influence policy makers? In this podcast Professor Andreas Bieler looks ahead to the European Social Forum in Mal...
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Labour Pains - audio

Could the financial crisis spell the beginning of the end for trade unions? Professor of Political Economy, Andreas Bieler looks into the possible kno...
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