Exploring children's difficulties with language and literacy - Audio

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What happens if children aren’t making progress with language and literacy, and what sort of learning impairments might be the cause? How can the study of children’s thinking help us to understand these learning difficulties? This album offers insights into some of the problems faced by children with the developmental disorders dyslexia, poor comprehension and specific language impairment. In the main audio tracks, educators, therapists and researchers explore why children might have language and literacy difficulties, and how schools can work with psychologists to help these children develop key language and literacy skills. The interviews are introduced and contextualised by Professor David Messer of The Open University. The material forms part of The Open University course ED841 Understanding children's development and learning.

Developmental disorders

Professors Maggie Snowling and Charles Hulme give an overview of the main developmental disorders in language and literacy.
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The cognitive approach

Professors Maggie Snowling and Charles Hulme talk about the cognitive approach that lies at the heart of their research into developmental disorders i...
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Reading intervention

Educational consultant Glynnis Smith describes a reading intervention programme being used in primary schools to help children who are making slow pro...
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Tackling dyslexia

Education expert Sir Jim Rose reflects on some of the issues emerging from his report 'Identifying and Teaching Children and Young People with Dyslexi...
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Poor comprehenders

Post-doctoral researcher Paula Clarke describes some of the learning difficulties faced by poor comprehenders.
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Reading for meaning

Post-doctoral researcher Dr Paula Clarke describes the York 'Reading for meaning' project, designed to help poor comprehenders.
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Specific language impairment

Speech and language therapist Dr Susan Ebbels talks about the process of identification and assessment of children with SLI, and the usefulness of SLI...
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Research and intervention

Speech and language therapist Dr Susan Ebbels talks about the relationship between research and intervention in relation to specific learning impairme...
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