Exploring teaching and learning in real and virtual worlds - for iPod/iPhone

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What can current theories about children’s learning and development contribute to the development of new teaching and learning methods in schools? And how are new digital technologies changing the ways children think and learn? This album introduces two elements of The Open University's presence in the virtual world Second Life™ and explores the way in which virtual worlds can offer new opportunities for teaching and learning. The album also explores some of the ways that the theories of Lev Vygotsky have influenced the use of dialogue and language in the classroom and the ways in which children and teachers interact with each other. The interviews and video tracks are introduced and contextualised by Dr Kieron Sheehy of The Open University. The material forms part of The Open University course ED841 Understanding children's development and learning.

Virtual worlds: Schome Park

A guided tour of Schome Park, an island in Teen Second Life™ virtual world, which is being used to collect evidence about approaches to supporting tee...
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A dialogic teacher's perspective

Primary science teacher Diane Rawlins talks about her involvement in the dialogic teaching research project, and how her involvement influenced the wa...
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A SPRinG teacher's perspective

Secondary science teacher Jane Brine talks about her involvement with the SPRinG project and the benefits is has brought for her and her pupils.
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