Eyepokes & Headchokes

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This is a podcast about in ring competition and competitors from WWE to IMPACT to ROH to NJPW to UFC to Boxing. These may not be our complete opinions but sort of a major portion.. Just don't crucify us for them lol. The host are two friends Koola is the Eyepoker and Alex is the Headchoker Alex (twitter) @_MrAlex25_ Koola (twitter) @Nu_Kewla

Leg Break. MITB. Road Rager.

Episode 229We're back again! And we forgot to record on Monday.. LolStarting with some random stuff.Moving on to recapping UFC 264. (We think Conor mi...
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PPV Reviews & More

Episode 223We start with UFC 262 after a technical issue that cost us 10 min.Moving on to IMPACT's Under Siege.Then talking about WWE's WrestleMania B...
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