Faces And Aces: Las Vegas

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Vegas Stories & Interviews

S6E74 – Food For Thought

September 7, 2020 – How has the rise of the celebrity chef changed Vegas? My guests Graham from @cheftimony podcast and Lorraine & Louiie from 2 Sharp...
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S6E73 – The Secret Ingredient

August 21, 2020 – Looking for great food in Vegas? My guests Graham from @cheftimony podcast and Lorraine & Louiie from 2 Sharp Chefs and A Microphone...
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S6E71 – #Vegas

July 23, 2020 – On this episode we look at how we can use social media to bridge the gap between Vegas trips. FnA Minute To sign up for Amazon Smile, ...
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S6E70 – The New Abnormal

July 4, 2020 – With summer in full swing and a damn pandemic that just doesn’t know when to leave a party, many are wondering if it’s safe to visit Ve...
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S5E69 – A Fool And His Money

April 27, 2020 – A strange thing happened to me in the airport on a recent visit to Vegas. I recount this story and have a fun conversation about Vega...
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S5E68 – When The Fun Stopped

March 28, 2020 – On this special episode I’m joined by 4 guests who share their experiences with the Vegas shutdown. Michael Movestro from Vegas Podto...
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S5E67 – Performance Enhancers

September 19, 2019 – While strip performers’ names are on the marquee, there are dozens and dozens of people who help the stars shine bright. This epi...
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S5E66 – Maim That Tune

September 5, 2019 – If you love singing in Vegas, this episode may give you a few new options on where to get your groove on. If you’re singing challe...
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