Failing Forward With K

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A safe place where open and honest conversations surrounding mental health are normal. Created for the community. Let's begin #failingworwardtogether

In Vulnerability Lies Connection

The first guest on Failing Forward has arrived! The wonderful Cherie Novecosky. Cherie has an in-depth view of mental health and her approach to her o...
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Episode 3 brings us Kelcey's feelings surrounding "soon" and "next year". She asks you to challenge yourself to use the words, soon, hopefully and nex...
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Consuming Feelings

Disclaimer * Mentions of self harm and suicide. Listeners discretion advised.  In this episode we dig deep into what consuming feelings are and how mu...
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You Have to be Willing

Trigger Warning: includes mentions of suicide. Listener discretion advised.  *Note from Kelcey; "This episode is nowhere near perfect or exactly how I...
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