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Family Church is located in Astoria, NYC, and our vision is simple: To build a community of faith in Astoria that is wholeheartedly committed to loving God and loving all people. Historically our church has been a place that Portuguese-speaking people have called their church family. However, today, through our English Ministry and a fresh vision to be a church that reflects the diversity of its community, we are a place for all to grow in the faith. We are glad to be able to offer this podcast so you can keep up with the sermons delivered by our pastoral care team.

A Desperate Prayer

We continue our "Praying the Psalms" sermon series with Diogo reflecting on Psalm 70. This psalm shows how a desperate prayer does not settle for weak...
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Prayer Makes Way

Pastor Lucas continues our “Praying the Psalms” sermon series with this sermon on Psalm 17. He reminds us that prayer makes way for justice, holiness,...
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Prayer Brings Rest

This week we read Psalm 4 and Diogo Izidoro shows how prayer can bring us to the rest we all desire. 
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Prayer Soothes Despair

Pastor Lucas Izidoro starts our new sermon series “Praying the Psalms” reflecting on how prayer has the power to soothe despair.
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Truth on Display

Pastor Lucas preached on 1 Kings 18:22-39, continuing our sermon series “You are called for this generation”
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Obey to Succeed

Diogo Izidoro the benefits of obedience and how essential it is for a successful Christian life.
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Give Thanks

Diogo Izidoro reflects on Psalms 100 to speak on the power of gratitude.
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On The Mountain

Diogo Izidoro expands on Exodus 20 (the Ten commandments) to expand on the essence and spirit of God’s law. 
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Divide & Conquer

Pr Lucas shares that in our desert experience, God not only wants to shape our character but also wants to sharpen our skills. In the areas where you ...
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