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Matt & Jocelyn Woodrum co-host the Family Life Movement podcast which is all about having real conversations about family dynamics, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and that ever elusive idea of work/life balance.

Can You Hear Me Now?- Chapter 2b

Loneliness and IsolationDepressionNot being 'equally yoked' in relationshipsIntimacyApplicationWe will be continuing the series for the next several w...
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Can You Hear Me Now?-Chapter 2a

 Not being understood is painful-across the lifespan and in various relationshipsThe difference between men and women in communication styles and purp...
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Can You Hear Me Now? -Chapter 1

Introduction to Dallas and Nancy DemmittMiscommunicationBody Language Our goals while reading  this bookDiscovery Talking/ListeningWe will be continui...
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A quick Update

Next Week: Theresa McCloy will be with us! She is amazing and talks about the enneagram and her REALIFE Process™ Wrestling with Fatherhood Links:Wrest...
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