Fan Talk: ANGELS

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Fan, opinion based podcast about the Los Angeles Angels.

Angels Get Teheran

Angels sign another durable pitcher in Julio Teheran. Is this enough to make a push for the playoffs? What moves have other teams made?
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Reset Button

Stephen Strausburg, Gerrit Cole, & Anthony Rendon all signed! Winter meetings are up. What will be the Angels' next move?
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2B/SS Options

Winter Meetings are right around the corner. What should Halos do for 2B/SS?
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Catchers & First Base

Last week, we spoke about some pitching options, but would that be enough to get Angels into the playoff hunt? What moves can we make to help us at ca...
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Intro: Offseason - Pitching

Offseason baseball has begun. Angels had a bad season and need to improve. What can be done to help the team try to compete and squeeze into the playo...
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