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This show will be full of variety but still related to the Korean Wave. News, Songs, k-pop bands and groups, K-dramas and more! Stay tune!!

Road To Kingdom Part 1

Hello once again guys, we are back with a new hot subject. We are talking about the fisrt mission of Road to Kingdom and about the groups that are in ...
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An Unhelpful Guide To UNVS

Welcome back guys to a special Wednesday podcast.  We are ranting today about UNVS, we have literally found them a week ago and we have gotten so deep...
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Beyond Kpop Boys

Hello hello! Today we are talking about expanding our horizons and the benefits we had gotten from it. Or curses. Well the point is that in this we in...
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Fangirls Korner once again.  This time we talked and rant about August D aka Suga aka Min Yoongi's new comeback. We had been waiting for this since Au...
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