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The Fantasy Football Fanatics are five old friends who love to talk about Fantasy Premier League (FPL). Duncan, Matt, Ben, Andy and Gary discuss all things FPL including planning ahead, predictions and rants. The show is produced weekly during the August to May English Premier League season. Follow the FFFanatics and get in touch with the show @FPLFFFanatics

End of season. 2020/21

Its the final gameweek of the season and the FFFanatics are watching the games together and recording at the same time. There's all to play for with D...
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The really wildcard show. 2020/21

Ben, Matt and Duncan all have their wildcards to reveal this week as the pod title race hots up for the final stretch. There’s also a double gameweek ...
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Pre-wilcard punts. 2020/21

Gary and Duncan get together to look back at blank GW29 where one of them got a gameweek rank in the low hundreds and the other brought in a Leeds def...
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The Magic of the Cup 2020/2021

This week Gary, Ben and Matt talk through their latest gameweeks with Ben now in the top 10K. We discuss Liverpool's woeful form, planning for the bla...
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Lee Mason disasterclass. 2020/21

Ben, Matt and Duncan are looking ahead and planning who to bring in before and for blank GW29 as well as looking at the final stretch of the season an...
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Enjoy your chips. 2020/21

Matt, Ben and Duncan are just as confused as you are about the upcoming doubles and blanks but they think its going to be ok, just try and enjoy it. W...
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Kick a man when he’s down

Gary, Matt and Ben discuss benching woes with DCL and Gundogan! Every move Matt makes backfires. We also talk Liverpool City and DGW plans.
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Treading water. 2020/21

Matt, Ben and Duncan are here to pick over the bones of Gamweek 20 and ask...  who are the whipping boys? Whats happening for FPL Chelsea players, wha...
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