Faster Horses | A UX and UI Podcast

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We meander through the quagmire that is UX and UI. Learn from the industry leaders about the encounters they've faced and how to deal with them. Each episode tackles a new subject. Any suggestions or questions drop a tweet to the host @paulwilshawFor careers at Blue Prism,

Real world user experiences

We explore physical user experiences and how we can learn from their successes and failures as designers.What good and bad design does to its user fro...
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Design + Code

We answer the question, should designers code and should developers design?We explore what it means to be a designer in 2020. What tools help bridge t...
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What is UX and UI?

What is UX and UI? We explore the differences and how to negotiate with your stakeholders and clients. We meander through the quagmire of what it mean...
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