Fat Chats


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Sit down, Kick you're shoes off and Relax. Get ready for a fat chat between two young Australians who sit down and discuss what's going on in the world while having a laugh along the way.

Fat Chats Episode 8: Dumb Stories

Lap eight of a million. In this episode we discuss some hilarious stories of us as kids including; tips and tricks to avoid getting smacked, barb wire...
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Fat Chats Episode 6: Story Time

Chapter Six in the story of greatness. In this episode we relive some of our favourite stories growing up. Be sure to give it a listen, or don't. What...
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Fat Chats Episode 4: Egg Head

Fourth installment of Fat Chats, and we're still here. Who would have thought! In this episode we discuss balding and some weird scenarios you may be ...
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