Fear, Honor, and Interest

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Podcast by Charles Boebinger

Episode 45 - [Inaudible]

This week, David and I discuss dog whistles! See if you can hear us! (Note: This episode was recorded on March 3rd)
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Episode 44 - Executive Power

This week David and I have a new sense of urgency as we try to come to grips with the national emergency currently occurring at our southern border. (...
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Episode 41 - Intelligence

This week, David and I discuss the nature of intelligence. We also look at what kind of factual errors by politicians should set off red flags about t...
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Episode 40 - Shutdown Blues

This week, David and I discuss the shutdown, and all the time it's given me not to edit and post the podcast. As always, send your feedback to fearhon...
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Episode 38 - David Has Internet!

David has moved into his apartment and has internet, so we can record again! This week we discuss the midterms and the legacy of George HW Bush. As al...
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