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Austin comics/technologers Wes Corwin and Paul Harrison talk about science and technology news and probably other things.

Episode 105: Lost my notes

Wes and Paul discuss some things that Paul can’t currently remember since he lost his notes. Whoops! Better listen, it’s a SURPRISE!
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Episode 103: Tank Cat Lawyers

Wes and Paul discuss tanks, cats, lawyers, and things not mentioned in the title. Notes up soon at http://www.featurecompletealpha.com
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Episode 100: Episode 100

Wes and Paul have an anniversary by themselves, talk about the news, and remember what it is like to have a podcast. Notes up soon at http://www.featu...
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Episode 99.2: Final Countdown

Wes and Paul discuss video games, coal, things that will kill your children, and more! Live streamed on Periscope, with live audience comments! Brough...
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Episode 99.1: Reunion Tour

Paul still needs to get the theme music back but it will be back soon! In the meantime, Wes (live in studio again!) and Paul discuss vampires, robots,...
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