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Information for federal employees and retirees on their benefits and current events in plain English.

TSP 101 - 05/06/2020

Ann gets back to basics with TSP 101. She discusses the history and details of the Thrift Savings Plan, and explains the different ways to invest it. ...
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Advanced Planning - 04/29/2020

Bringing together social security, pension, and healthcare, Ann dives into advanced planning, a crucial way of maximizing all your federal retirement ...
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FERS Pension - 04/22/20

In this episode Ann goes into detail about how to calculate your FERS pension. This is critical information when you're working as a federal employee,...
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Roth Conversions - 04/15/2020

Join Ann in this episode as she discusses the power of Roth IRA's, and how the CARES Act may allow federal employees to take advantage of a potential ...
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TSP 301 - 04/01/2020

Part of a series, TSP 301 discusses how market volatility can affect your Thrift Savings Plan along with allocation strategies. Presented as a webinar...
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Long Term Care - 03/25/20

In this episode Ann discusses several strategies that federal employees can use for long term care purposes as well as the ins and outs of how long te...
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