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Our podcast covers sports such as NFL, NFL Fantasy, NCAA Football, and the NBA. We never offer our opinions without stating facts and numbers. Everyone has an opinion but without facts it doesn't mean anything. We are going to make each other and our listeners uncomfortable with our takes.

The weekend of Champions

Championship Monday is ahead of us as LSU faces Clemson. The NFL divisional round starts on Saturday. Who will move forward to the conference champion...
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New Year Edition

Today we cover the New Year 6 bowl games. We finish off our top 6 NBA & NFL playoff/championship moments of the decade. Lebron James named AP athlete ...
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Is Antonio Brown a good fit for the Saints? How much of an impact will Marshawn Lynch make with the Seahawks? Oklahoma vs LSU. Ohio State vs Clemson w...
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Episode 34: The Bowl Game Special

Which NCAAF teams will take home the bowl game trophies. Plus Webb and I countdown our top 25 NBA & NFL playoffs & Championship moments of the decade.
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Championship Saturday Recap

The NCAA football championship weekend gave us thrillers and blowouts. What went wrong for the teams that lost? We have answers for you. Tune in and g...
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Feel The Heat Episode 31

James Harden records his 4th 60 point game is he on pace to become a hall of famer? Ohio State vs Michigan recap. Wisconsin vs Minnesota recap. Florid...
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Feel The Heat Ep 29

ASU upsets Oregon ruining their playoff Hope's. Frank Gore passes Barry Sanders to become the 3rd all- time league rusher. Is Stephon Gilmore the Defe...
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