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Film Yak is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth movie discussions. Listen in each week as Jonathan, Jon, J.R. and Kevin dive deep into a different film of their choice. Get movie news, hear trivia battles, and discover movie recommendations. Listen in for a good dose of humor and friendly banter as the hosts debate and defend their favorite films.

Episode 113 - Odd Man Out

1947 - d. Carol Reed This week we're talking JR's pick as well as other stuff we watched including several new releases plus trailers. Thanks for list...
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Episode 112 - Straight Time

1978 d. Ulu Grosbard We're back discussing Jon's pick plus other stuff we watched and some new (and huge) trailers. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! filmy...
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Episode 111 - Basquiat

1996 d. Julian Schnabel This week we're talking Kevin's pick, Julian Schnabel's directorial debut, *Basquiat*. We also talk other stuff we watched inc...
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Episode 110 - Paper Moon

1973 d. Peter Bogdanovich This week we're talking Paper Moon as well as other stuff we watched, trailers, etc. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! filmyakpod...
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Episode 108 - Amores Perros

2000 d. Alejandro G. Innaritu We're back talking Innaritu's first feature as well as several other things we watched + trailers and more. Thanks for l...
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Episode 107 - A Married Woman

Technical difficulties aside, we're thrilled to be all back in the same room recording out latest discussion. We also talk the Letterboxd Roulette pic...
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Episode 106 - The Funeral

Welcome back! This week we're talking Chris Penn, Vincent Gallo, Christopher Walken, Annabella Sciorra, Isabella Rosselini, and Benicio Del Toro in th...
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Episode 104 - The Arbor

We're back already! This time talking JR's pick and a couple of very recent streaming releases. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! ...
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