Financially Fit

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Financial and retirement planning guidance from Kyle Hammerschmidt of Mokan Financial in Overland Park, KS. We'll teach you how to properly plan for retirement and your financial future.

Not Your Father’s Retirement

If you’re of the age that your mom and dad retired 20 or 30 years ago, the world was a much different place when they walked away from their paychecks...
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Learning Through Uncommon Sense

At first glance, each of these statements seem like basic common sense that everyone agrees with. But when we look at the way people actually behave w...
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Fact Or Fiction

Sometimes the easiest way to learn about something is make it really simple. Like some of the first true/false tests you might have taken in school, l...
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Flirting With Disaster

Let’s talk about some of the areas of your financial life where you might be flirting with disaster and don’t even know it. Helpful Info: Kyle's websi...
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This Is Why You Never Assume

We often see people making certain assumptions about retirement that just aren’t correct. Let’s explore some of those on today's show. Helpful Info: K...
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March Madness Retirement Lessons

It’s an annual tradition! Well, except for 2020 when the tournament was cancelled. But it’s time to look at the NCAA tournament and see what kind of f...
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