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In this podcast, Em and Jess take it in turns to pick a book for both to read and talk about. The choices are random and the conversation far-ranging. No reading required (although watch out for spoilers!)

Em Read: Lewis Percy

In the first of our spin-off series, Em chats to Jess about a novel she has just finished reading; Lewis Percy by Anita Brookner. Does Em recommend th...
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Ep. 13: The Group

Em and Jess dive into the world of upper-middle class New York circa 1930s. Mary McCarthy's most infamous novel, The Group, features the lives of eigh...
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Ep. 12: Ethan Frome

Once again, Em and Jess explore the pages of a tragic love story. Ethan Frome is Edith Wharton's best-known work and for such a short book it raises a...
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Ep. 11: Giovanni's Room

Love, sex, intimacy, shame and oysters are just some of the topics we encounter as we delve into James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room. So pour yourself a l...
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Ep. 10: Time's Arrow

Join Em & Jess for a discussion about Martin Amis' Time's Arrow. At once harrowing, thought-provoking and hilarious – it's one not to be missed! 
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Ep. 9: The Mezzanine

Our second long-distance episode has landed! This time we're riding the escalator in Nicholson Baker's The Mezzanine, where we discuss the intricacies...
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Ep. 8: Housekeeping

We discuss one of the Guardian's top 100 novels, Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. This is our first episode recorded long distance – sorry if you c...
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Ep. 7: L.A. Confidential

We're back with a new, sexier name and we’re celebrating in L.A.! Join us in the darkest of Disneylands for a chat about our latest read: L.A. Confide...
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Ep 5 Pond

Em and Jess discuss Pond by Claire Louise Bennett...and finally disagree with each other about something. Will their friendship survive? 
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