Finding Alignment

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From a recovering people pleaser to a self love junkie, I have created this podcast in hopes to share my never ending journey. For years I was a habitual yo-yo dieter, a restrict-binge eater, and a person that was only concerned with making other people happy neglecting myself in the process. This podcast shares tools I have found to live every single day as unapologetically me, with a balanced relationship with food. So join me to find alignment within yourself. 

55- Let's Talk About Friendships

If you feel like you struggle making/ attaining friendships--- I GET IT! Todays episode we talk about something very vulnerable to me...making friends...
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A short but quick episode on the reality is everyone's going through things, no one has it all figured out.  Instagram: olivia.mildred   normalize nor...
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50- How to ACTUALLY reach goals

Do you have a goal that seems so lofty you don't know how you will reach it? This tool helps break down goals into small chunks! Listen on how you an ...
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49- It's Okay to be Human

Here is a reminder we all need: IT IS OKAY TO MESS UP! It is OKAY to own your story. Listen in on this episode all about finding a middle ground on ov...
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47- Your Body Is Not a Project

WHOA, this one gets deep. We talk about how harmful it can be to look at your body as a project, projects have one end result. We can control certain ...
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46- Anxiety Awareness

Are you an overfunctioner or underfunctioner in anxious situations? In this episode we learn about different ways we function in anxious situations an...
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