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A daily 5-min podcast explaining the most important finance and business happenings in plain English. India focused.

India’s diamond woes

In today’s episode for 22nd May 2023, we explain what ails India’s diamond industry. We've launched an endeavor to give simplified health and life...
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The Story of Symphony

In today's episode for 20th May 2023, we talk about all the hype surrounding one summer stock that follows a very interesting strategy. Before we ...
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ZestMoney, where did it go wrong?

In today’s episode for 17th May 2023, we explain why a fintech startup that was once the poster child of the Buy Now Pay Later movement is in all sort...
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Will Google kill ChatGPT?

A couple of months ago, everyone was worried that Microsoft and ChatGPT would kill Google. But Google’s trying to fight back and in today’s episode fo...
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The Hollywood TV Strike

In today’s episode for 11th May 2023, we explain why almost every film and TV writer in the US have gone on strike. Also before we start today's p...
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