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A podcast about Star Wars Armada, the miniature game by Fantasy Flight Games

Episode 31: A Legion of Arquitens

And we’re back! I go over new changes in life around here, talk a bit about Star Wars Legion, and cover the Arquitens. Plus, Admiral Ackbar has a spec...
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Episode 26: Rogues and Rudors

What? Another episode in a timely fashion? Unpossible! Inside you’ll find more wave 7 talk, how our new Corellian Conflict is going, a little more abo...
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Episode 25: Return of the Jim-Guy

New year, new episode! Fire When Ready is back, and starting off the new year with a brief recap of Vancouver regionals, then covering Biggs Darklight...
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Episode 23: Liberty Interdicted

Start your weekend off with the longest ever FWR! Liberty talk, then my first ever guest as Josh from Runecasters joins me for Interdictor discussion....
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