First Baptist Church (Jackson, MI) Sermons

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This is the First Baptist Church (Jackson, MI) Sermons podcast where we provide inspiration to grow in worship, prayer, and service.

Who's Doing the Dishes?

Putting a meal on can be a lot of work. Who’s doing the dishes? Who’s cooking? Would you rather just sit at the table together? This week we’ll look a...
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Feast or Famine

You know those foods that aren’t filling, that you could just eat endlessly before you realize just how much you’ve ate. This week we’re talking about...
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There's Still Room

Have you ever struggled trying to plan for a get together? There’s always problems with syncing schedules and interests. Jesus actually has some advic...
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The Guest of Honor

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a group setting? Maybe you weren’t sure who to talk to. Maybe you didn’t know where to sit. In Luke 14, Jesus cele...
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Making Room at the Table

Meals are opportunities for sacred moments. In Luke 22, Jesus gives the disciples some very strange instructions to prepare for a meal. In the midst o...
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