First Baptist Church of Davison

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These are the messages of First Baptist Church of Davison, located at 208 East Fourth Street, Downtown Davison, MI 48423. FBC exists to create environments that IGNITE passion in people to follow Jesus, CONNECT people in authentic and Biblical relationships, RESTORE the broken, and INVEST in service, ministry and mission. We hope and pray that you find these messages helpful in your journey as a follower of Jesus.

Absolute Faith

In mathematical terms, absolute refers to a value...the positive form of a number. Absolute is a simple idea, but difficult to execute in be...
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Left Behind

There's a healthy type of fear about not wanting to be left behind when it comes to the outpouring of God and what he wants to do in and through our l...
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Burn Pile

When it comes to living a Nothing Wasted life, the piles of brush in our lives represent our past...past experiences, memories, beliefs, etc. If we wa...
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Two Ways

In the book of Galatians we read about two ways of living this life as a follower of Jesus Christ, the common way and the better way. Through transfor...
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Leading the Presence Driven Church

God's presence is not a theory, it's an experience. The scripture points us to an encounter with a living God that's available and accessible to every...
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As we begin to live a "Nothing Wasted" life, Jesus will take us through an amazing process to make sure that His love is what we are drawing from as o...
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Romans 12:11 tells us to be "fervent in spirit," which in the Greek translates to "boil in spirit" or "boil in the spirit." Our passion for God should...
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Nothing Wasted

Are we leaving nothing undone that Jesus gave us to do? Nothing Wasted is a series that will hopefully move us to a place where we stop underestimatin...
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Time to Dream

Kingdom invasions happen when we walk in our worthiness. It's time to dream again about what will happen when you walk in the truth of who you are in ...
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No Excuses

We are individually, uniquely made by God, and He has purposed each of us for a unique task. We have no excuses to do what God has called us to do.
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