First Baptist Church, Westcliffe, Colorado

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Seeking, Sharing, and Showing God's Love. First Baptist Church 410 South 6th Street Westcliffe, Colorado

On Would Jesus Desire #2?

God is at work and He wants us in on it. Pastor Glenn shows us that Jesus has a desire for us, and it is important to know who He is and what He wants...
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One Nation, Under God

We need to let God build our foundation. Pastor Glenn talks about the founding principles of our republic. Psalm 33:12, 127:1-2; Is. 33:22
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What Would Jesus Desire?

It’s more than what would Jesus do, but what does He desire? Pastor Glenn talks about the plan Jesus has for us as disciples. Matt. 28:19-20, 11:28; M...
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The Spirit of Adoption

We all have a heavenly Father. Pastor Glenn talks to us about how God the Father loves us just as much as He loves His Son. 1John 3:1-2; Heb. 4:16; Ep...
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Memorial Day - A Time To Remember

Memorial Day is the most costly holiday in the world because it can't be paid for in money, but only by the lives lost. Pastor Glenn tells us we must ...
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Purity of God's People

Guest Pastor Mark Henslee talks about how we should submit ourselves to the discipline of God for pure hearts. Psalm 24:1-10; Heb. 12:18-22; John 15:9...
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Mother's Day

God blesses us in many ways, and Pastor Glenn the blessing of mothers. Ex. 20:12; Matt. 15:4, 19:19; Mark 7:10, 10:19; Luke 18:20, 2:51; Eph. 6:2
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