First Of All

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The podcast about nothing. Two dudes with too much to say share our thoughts with the world. Little bit of intellect, lots of comedy. Support this podcast:

Episode 1: Everyone Meet Maggy

First of All is back for season 2. We have gone through a rebrand and are introducing McCarty's new co-host, his sister Maggy. This episode is all abo...
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Episode 40: Post-Kidney Stone

McCarty and Nate return after a week off to discuss strangers, the virus, and fashion. --- Support this podcast:
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Episode 38: Out Let Malls

Nate talks about his new love four outlet malls, and McCarty addresses the coronavirus bids adieu to everyone. They both apologize for taking two week...
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Episode 37: Royal Titles

Nate is back to promoted the air fryer and tell us his opinion on Royal titles. McCarty tells two stories about his sisters. --- Support this podcast:...
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Episode 35: My Teeth Are Fine

Nathan explains his confusion about bed sizes, and McCarty rages about the dentist. --- Support this podcast:
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Episode 34: Wedding Lamps

Nate talks about cats way too much, and McCarty rants about gated communities. --- Support this podcast:
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