Fiscally Fit with Kevin Harrison

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Put your money to work FOR you, not against you. Kevin Harrison discusses various personal finance topics, such as budgeting, credit cards, investing, insurance, buying a house, and planning for retirement. For more information visit

Pride and Financial Peace

One of the biggest enemies of financial peace is pride, and what makes it such a powerful foe is that it's nearly impossible to see in the mirror. For...
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Good Debt vs Bad Debt

What distinguishes good debt from bad debt? In this episode of Fiscally Fit, we will look at the definition of good debt. For more episodes, visit www...
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Laying Your Shovel Down

How many of us keep trying to dig our way out of a hole? Time to lay the shovel down and try something different. Find more episodes at www.fiscally.f...
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Confusing Steps with Goals

Nearly half of the people that pay off their credit card debt are back in debt equal to or greater than their previous debt within 3 years. Here is on...
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The Power of Choice

There are certainly a number of factors in your life that you have no power to change. But these factors are not determinant. In this episode of Fisca...
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