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S2 E10: Interracial Dating

This week we say Yasss to Vanae James-Bey, Discuss interracial dating, decide who we think should be allowed to say the N-word, Thank Black Jesus for ...
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S2 E7 Pitchfork Protocol

This week we say Yass to Tiffany Haddish, discuss the pitchfork protocol, the requirements for black folks to stand up for the culture, respond Moniqu...
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S2 E6 Respectability Politics

In this episode we say yass to a hero bus driver, and the colorful Faces on the USA men's Bobsled Team, unpack that H&M disaster of an ad in a discuss...
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S2 E5 Shea Butter at Soul Cycle

This week Laura shares stories of meeting black people IRL, we say yasss to the all female flight crew on Ethiopian airlines, we discuss the lack of a...
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